2010. szeptember 10., péntek

CPA Exams This Year

Since the CPA exams are changing formats starting 1/1/11 to include IFRS in addition to other format changes, I'm going to have to take my electives after I take the exams. I'll end up moving the exams to the end of this year. I'll take FAR first once I finish my last class in June. That way I don't have to take an updated test version and have to learn a whole bunch of new IFRS material that I have not learned. I'll probably take FAR and Auditing this year and then possibly REG; if not I'll do BEC and REG next year in Jan. I am doing FAR in August so that when I hear back in September (and I fail), I still can retake it again in October/November since I'm not allowed to retake it in December. Or, if work gets too busy I'll have to push the test back further but then I won't be allowed to fail =) I probably won't fail unless my ADD gets in the way. If it ends up being a huge problem, I'll probably have to go back to the neurologist and get a doctors note to split the test up into two hours instead of four. I'm not sure if they accommodate for that though.


June - End of Audit class
August - take FAR
November - take Auditing
Jan - take REG
Feb - take BEC
March - take my two electives

June - when class ends and I finish my 150 credits, I'll be certified since I already work at the CPA firm.

Usually work gets busy in the fall and winter so maybe this year I'll get lucky? Otherwise I won't be able to put in the recommended 20 hours a week study time. That's okay.

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