2010. március 11., csütörtök

AP's Millionaire Club Pledge

Since I had plans of saving up a million dollars to [not sharing] in the long future anyway, I joined the Millionaire Club. Basically, I want to buy[not sharing] so that I can amass enough wealth to reach people in need, or be used by God to carry out whatever He so desires through me. I am completely okay with plans changing. However, I like a flexible road map to head toward tentative goals. I am not sharing my future goals because they may change; they're unique to my vision and don't want others copying me; the anonymous blogger(s) leaving half brain dead comments on my blog lately have made me inclined to keep my best kept secrets to myself.

Here's my pledge:

1. Contribute 15% to my Roth 401(k) a year plus receive 6% of my salary from the firm for a total of 21% contributed to retirement per year.

2. Save $1,300-$2,000 a month for investing in stocks for the long (not for retirement) using my value investing philosophies. This money will go towards my plan to buy a particular business I have in mind. If I change my mind, whatever!

3. Don't spend money on people who wouldn't spend their money on someone else.

4. Donate 12-15% of my income a year.

5. Re-evaluate myself when the times change; look for new things to learn to increase my value and ability to generate revenue for an employer or for myself.

6. Live below my means. Never buy what I can afford but always buy half or less than what I can actually afford.

7. Put God first in all that I do and let Him have all the glory.

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